Why You Shouldn’t Try to Remove Your Own Oil Tank

Some people attempt underground storage tank and oil tank removal without recognizing how dangerous it can be. This task requires the proper training and equipment to avoid adverse consequences to your property, health, and reputation. When it comes to tank removal, Care Environmental Remediation Services offers several reasons homeowners in Northern New Jersey should never remove an oil tank on their own.

Can I Remove My Own Oil Tank?  

Even if you plan to install a new oil tank by yourself, you need help from a licensed environmental professional to remove the existing system. These experts will ensure the outdated tank is taken away from your property safely and quickly. If you neglect to seek the proper assistance with this process, you could suffer the following outcomes:  

Inadequate Results

Oil tank removal can be quick, but it is also quite complex. There are specialized tools and techniques needed to extract excess oil before taking the tank away, and these resources are reserved for licensed professionals. Without the necessary equipment, a homemade oil tank removal more than likely will cause severe damage to the property.

Legal Consequences

Amateur underground storage tank and oil tank removal attempts usually are illegal because they require specific permits from the state and county. In New Jersey, only organizations with a closure license from the state Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) can access these permits. Therefore, licensure is vital to ensure your tank removal is legal. Often, people who remove old oil tanks themselves face repercussions from the town or state.

Safety and Health Complications

Oil tanks typically deteriorate with age, causing spills that contaminate the surrounding soil and groundwater. Many people who remove leaking oil tanks do not know how to test the soil and water for contaminants, increasing their chances to consume toxic substances. Environmental professionals have the knowledge and strategies required to test the area for harmful elements.

High Costs 

Some people believe hiring an expert is expensive, leading them to dispose of oil tanks by themselves. In reality, professional underground storage tank and oil tank removal often cost less than DIY attempts. Additionally, discarding the oil tank yourself may lead to accidents that cause extra cleanup or repair costs. Professionals have the experience necessary to avoid these mistakes, ensuring you do not accrue added expenses.

How Care Environmental Remediation Services Can Help

The highly trained staff at Care Environmental Remediation Services proves how working with a professional on tank removal projects is safer than relying on your own abilities. We are licensed by NJDEP to extract, remediate, and assess various tank systems, including oil, fuel, diesel, gasoline, and waste. We also handle abandoned tanks. We hold several other licenses that enable us to conduct further removal services, including:

  • Licensed Tank Closure
  • Licensed Subsurface Evaluators (SSE)
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (L.S.R.P)
  • OSHA Certified

Contact Us For Professional Advice and Services

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