Site Sampling and Testing Services in Northwestern New Jersey

Soil Sampling and Testing

Care Environmental Remediation Services provides soil testing, groundwater testing, and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services for commercial and residential customers in northwestern New Jersey and the surrounding areas. We’re locally owned and operated, with a dedicated staff that knows the ins and outs of environmental remediation. Let us take the guesswork out of the remediation process for you with our comprehensive suite of services.

Evaluating Your Site

Care Environmental Remediation Services has the capabilities to collect and test soil, groundwater, surface water, sediments, indoor air, and subslab vapor. Sampling and testing services are performed for Site Investigations, Remedial Investigations and Remedial Actions.

Ground Water Sampling and Testing

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Site Investigation Sampling and Testing of Suspected Areas of Environmental Concern
  • Remedial Investigation Sampling and Testing of Contaminated Areas of Concern
  • Phase II Sampling and Testing of Recognized Areas of Environmental Concern
  • Remedial Action Compliance Sampling and Testing of Remediated Areas of Concern

Care Environmental Remediation Services staffs Certified Subsurface Evaluators and Licensed Site Remediation Professionals, licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to assess, analyze, and remediate soil and water below ground level. Our team may conduct these tests as part of required sampling for Site Investigations (SI), Remediation Investigations (RI), or Phase II ESA services.

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Sediment Sampling and Testing

We know that navigating state and federal regulations and the technicalities of remediation can be confusing. The friendly and qualified team at Care Environmental Remediation Services will walk you through each step of our process so that you’re confident in the safety of your site.

Site Investigation

The site investigation consists of collecting and sampling site material, such as soil, bedrock, and groundwater. The goal of the SI is to determine if contaminants exist at a site or the surrounding area at a high enough level that a remediation process is required. Our team has the capability to sample and monitor using groundwater monitor wells, temporary well points, direct push technologies, and geotechnical soil borings.

Remedial Investigation

Stream Sampling and Testing

A remedial investigation determines the extent and scope of contamination at a particular site. The RI outlines the best methods for remediating the contamination while taking public health and environmental safety into account. When performing an RI, we will recommend the most effective remediation practices for a particular site while taking into account the feasibility, cost, and effectiveness of proposed solutions.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

We offer Phase II environmental site assessments as part of a regulated remediation process, or for the purposes of real estate due diligence. A Phase II ESA consists of an onsite investigation to determine the location, nature, and scope of contamination at a particular property. Our team will take samples of soil and groundwater for further analysis. ESAs are similar to RIs and will also include a report where we will recommend the best methods for remediation.

Remediation Verification and Performance Monitoring

Clean Fill and Phase II Soil Sampling and Testing

Care Environmental Remediation Services is a leader in the field of soil and ground water remediation. Our environmental team is highly recognized in our industry to provide turn key services for environmental projects.  The success of remediation is gauged by the sampling and testing results. Compliance, as required by the NJDEP, is when the data meets the standards promulgated by the NJDEP. To meet the NJDEP requirements for remediation, we perform the following sampling and testing services:

  • Compliance sampling –
    • Soil✓Ground Water✓Surface Water✓Sediment✓Indoor Air✓Soil Gas✓
  • Enhanced fluid recovery Ground Water Performance Monitoring
  • Excavation Soil Verification and soil stabilization Soil Verification
  • In situ Chemical Treatment Permit Monitoring
  • Pump and Treatment Ground Water Permit Monitoring
  • Remediation -Ground Water, Air, Surface Water, Sediment Performance Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Monitoring
  • Remediation Verification
  • Classification Exception Area (CEA) Ground Water Monitoring
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) Soil and Ground Water Monitoring

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Whether you’re considering a real estate purchase, need a Phase II ESA, or suspect contamination at an existing property, you can be confident in the technical expertise of Care Environmental Remediation Services. With years of experience in the environmental services field, our team excels at soil testing and groundwater testing and proudly serves Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon and Warren counties, along with the surrounding areas in northern New Jersey. Reach out to schedule a consultation today.