Home Owner Tank Program

Heating Oil Tank Insurance Program Projects

Care Environmental Remediation Services, Inc. experience with residential fuel oil tank releases is to apply a technical approach that will require slight modifications from site to site. Although, each project is unique, this approach is possible since the ultimate goal is to obtain a “No Further Action” from the NJDEP in a reasonable period of time. Consistency, specific time frames for tasks, and cost effective technical remedial services can in effect provide the property owner with a comfort zone in an otherwise disruptive time. We have found that giving attention to the homeowner and establishing a good working relationship with the homeowner and fuel oil company is of utmost importance in the cost effective success of the project. All of these factors have successfully and will continue to assist Claims Representatives in a smooth, working relationship with Care Environmental Remediation Services, Inc.

Care Environmental Remediation Services, Inc. environmental services include UST closures and installations, soil remediation projects and ground water remediation projects associated with regulated and non-regulated tank systems. C.E.R.S. provides emergency response services having the capability to dispatch a crew quickly and efficiently.

Our years of participation in tank projects has provided C.E.R.S. with unsurpassed qualifications in the industry. C.E.R.S. (formerly the UST division of Care) was a qualified contractor under the H.E.L.P program from inception to the final stages (1994 to 1998) and also qualified as a STEP Contractor (1998 to 2000). We have qualified for tank removal and soil remediation projects for a select group of fuel oil dealers providing H.O.S.T to their customers (2000-2003), C.A.R.E. Tank Warranty (2003-present), Earth Tank Warranty (2003-2006) and Proguard (2007 to present). Since 1993 and sixteen years of company experience combined under the UST division of Care and C.E.R.S, we have provided environmental services for soil and ground water remediation projects with smooth working relationships with a number of owner insurance carriers such as Chubb Insurance, State Farm Insurance, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance, Amica Insurance, Hanover Insurance. Liberty Mutual, Selective and St. Paul Travelers in addition to those listed above.

In the last three years alone, C.E.R.S. has completed over 1,600 non-regulated UST closures and successfully completed over 1,200 soil and/or ground water remediation projects pertaining to tank systems.

Refer to C.E.R.S. Project Summaries for environmental services provided for these project types as well as regulated tank systems, environmental audits and assessments, emergency response and compliance assistance.