Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments in Northern New Jersey

Phase 1 Environtmenal Site AssessmentsCare Environmental Remediation Services (C.E.R.S.) is a locally-owned and operated professional environmental consulting firm. We are committed to helping our customers navigate municipal, state, and federal regulations while providing best-in-class technical services. We offer  Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments to lenders, developers, buyers and sellers as part of commercial and multi family real estate transactions.  Phase 1 ESAs can be conducted on all types of properties subject to sale or refinance such as residential multi-family, farms and farmland, commercial use, vacant land, rural residential and manufacturing.  We offer ESAs to clients in Morris County, Essex County, Union County, Warren County, and Sussex County, as well as other areas of Northern New Jersey.

Comprehensive Environmental Consulting

C.E.R.S. is made up of a team of experts in environmental compliance, environmental database research, historical land use assessment, and property assessment for environmental purposes. Our services include:

Environmental Assessment

An environmental assessment is the process of determining if contamination exists at a particular property. C.E.R.S. offers Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs):

  • Phase I Environmental Assessment: An initial study to determine past ownership of a site and possible chemicals that have been used onsite. C.E.R.S. will review current and historical property records and maps as part of this assessment. A visit to the property in question is included in a Phase I Assessment, but no soil or water samples are taken at this time.
  • Phase II Environmental Assessment: An onsite investigation to determine the location, nature, and scope of contamination at a particular property. As part of a Phase II Assessment, C.E.R.S. will take samples of soil and water for further analysis. The assessment also includes a report where C.E.R.S. will recommend the best methods for remediation of the site.

Environmental Compliance

Sites with underground storage tanks (USTs) may be regulated through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Site Remediation Program (SRP). Regulated USTs must be registered with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). C.E.R.S. can provide property owners with information on the regulatory requirements for their site and can ensure that their records are on file and up to date with the appropriate authorities.

Environmental Database Research

This research process entails reviewing the public databases of the municipal, county, state, and federal agencies for mentions of a specific property or location. At a site with known or suspected contamination, the database research process allows us to gather information such as:

  • Details about adjoining properties
  • Locations of known USTs
  • Past contaminations or spills
  • Permits issued at the site

C.E.R.S. can provide environmental database research as an a la carte service or as part of a larger remediation project.

File Review

Certain environmental records are not available online and must be reviewed in person. C.E.R.S. can schedule and conduct in-person environmental file reviews at NJDEP headquarters and regional offices.

Historical Land Use

C.E.R.S. will review property records and tax maps on file with local, county, and state authorities to determine how a property has historically been used. In cases where C.E.R.S. is serving as a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), we will establish a timeline of land use going back to the year 1932 or before the site was developed, whichever is earlier.

The C.E.R.S. team will work with your team to explain each step of the remediation process so that you feel confident that your site meets public health and environmental protection standards.

Learn More About Our Phase I Environmental Assessment Services

With numerous remediation projects under our belt, a reliable local expert in environmental compliance and remediation. Our knowledgeable team is available to answer any questions you may have about our services in Morris, Sussex, Essex, Union and Warren counties in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Contact C.E.R.S. for more information about our environmental  site assessments today.