Emergency Response Remediation in Northwestern New Jersey

Collage of emergency remediation services and procedures.

When an Underground Ground Storage Tank (UST) leaks or an Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) leaks, an immediate response is critical. The successful clean up of spilled fuel oil depends on a quick response no matter how small.  Serving customers in Northwestern NJ and the surrounding area, Care Environmental Remediation Services, provides emergency remediation solutions for heating oil spills and uncontrolled release, ensuring the impact on soil, ground water and/or surface water is quickly mitigated. We specialize in homeowner heating oil tank spills and sudden loss of fuel, and we assist homeowners in liaising with local, county, and state emergency responders.

Heating oil releases can occur from Basement and/or Garage Above Ground Heating Oil Tanks or from heating oil fuel lines which have been compromised. The heating oil can contaminate the basement floor, sump pits, french drains, sheet rock, wood and/or stored household items. We specialize in decontamination and clean up of heating oil in basements and garages.  We provide temporary tanks for heating since the original tank was compromised so there is no loss of heat to your home. Basement Oil Spill Cleanup is one of our priority emergency services we offer our clients.

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A Qualified Remediation Company

As a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), Care Environmental Remediation Services is authorized to provide remediation solutions at regulated UST sites in the state of New Jersey. We are also certified by the NJDEP to work on unregulated UST sites such as homeowner heating oil tanks. We are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection. In addition to our LSRP designation, we also hold the following accreditations:

  • Licensed Environmental Resource and Geotechnical (ERG) Driller
  • New Jersey UST Certification in Subsurface Evaluation
  • New Jersey UST Certification in Tank Closure
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certification

Our team excels at quickly triaging emergencies while maintaining high-quality service. While our company holds scheduled appointments during regular business hours, we also have an emergency response line available 24/7 for spills. Day or night, we’re on call and available to help.

Our Emergency Response Remediation Practices

Since 2002, our team has been highly regarded for our knowledge and dedication to the important work we do. Our oil spill clean up remediation services include:

  • Control and Contain sudden and accidental heating oil releases
  • Clean up of contaminated soils, surface water and ground water
  • Basement Oil Spill Clean ups
  • Minimize Exposure
  • Proper closure of leaking tank system
  • Emergency Permitting
  • Temporary Heating Oil Storage Systems
  • Groundwater sampling and testing
  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Subsurface evaluations (SSE)
  • Site Restoration
  • Preparation of regulatory reports required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)

As a company, we’ve completed thousands of remediation projects in New Jersey, with special expertise in heating oil tanks at residential sites.

Our Regulatory Expertise

At Care Environmental Remediation Services, we are well-versed in the regulatory requirements for individual homeowners, commercial businesses, and industrial sites. When an unexpected UST leak occurs, we can procure the necessary emergency permits to proceed with immediate action. We can also serve as a liaison between the homeowner and local, state, and county emergency response teams. Our primary goal is always to provide careful, thorough remediation that protects the environment and public health.

We understand that some homeowners often worry about the costs associated with emergency remediation. In some cases, emergency remediation services for homeowners with a leaking heating oil tank are covered in part by the tank’s warranty program and the homeowner’s insurance policy. We can help you navigate the process of identifying the appropriate coverage opportunities for the necessary remediation work performed.

Get Help Quickly from Our Remediation Professionals

If you suspect a storage tank on your commercial or residential property is leaking, be sure to get help right away. The team at Care Environmental Remediation Services can provide timely, efficient emergency remediation services to sites in Morris County, Warren County, Sussex County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County and other areas of Northwestern NJ. We’ll procure emergency permits, contain any contamination, and ensure that your site is safe. For around-the-clock emergency services, contact us today.