Environmental Consulting and Contracting Services in Northern NJ

Handshake With HardhatCare Environmental Remediation Services (C.E.R.S.) is a full-service environmental consulting and contracting company providing services to homeowners, insurance companies, commercial businesses, and industrial clients. Our qualified environmental contractors and consultants address the diverse needs of clients in Northern NJ and the surrounding area. As an OSHA-certified, fully licensed, and accredited provider, you can count on C.E.R.S. to help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape of environmental remediation.

Comprehensive, Client-Focused Consulting and Contracting

At C.E.R.S., no project is too big or too small. Our wealth of expertise allows us to serve a wide range of customers, from local businesses to large industrial clients. C.E.R.S. is well-versed in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (TRSR), and the NJDEP Site Remediation Program (SRP). Our environmental consultants can provide preliminary assessments, site investigations, and remedial investigations in accordance with strict regulations.

Services for Commercial Businesses

At C.E.R.S., our staff is well-versed in environmental compliance and property assessment for environmental purposes. Commercial clients looking to purchase a new property or manage an existing site can rely on our years of experience in aligning with the regulatory processes established by NJDEP. We can provide the site assessments required for real estate due diligence and assist businesses with keeping in compliance with local, county, and state regulations.

Services for Industrial Clients

C.E.R.S. regularly works with industrial clients on complex site monitoring and remediation projects. We offer expert consulting services for clients, such as fuel oil dealers and storage facilities, to advise on the best practices for tank decommissioning, site assessment, and complying with NJDEP regulations for Underground Storage Tanks (UST). Our team is well-equipped to handle the process of UST system closures and can advise clients on the most efficient strategies to complete a remediation process.

Services for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies contract with C.E.R.S. because we’re a one-stop-shop for site assessment, remediation, testing, and restoration. National and regional insurance companies benefit from C.E.R.S.’s thorough knowledge of the local regulatory environment, at both the municipal and state level. And as a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), we are fully qualified to direct and carry out a full range of environmental remediation services.

Services for Homeowners

C.E.R.S. offers individualized consultations for homeowners in NJ. Many homeowners want to upgrade their home heating system from oil to gas but are overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with a heating oil tank. If you’re not sure where to start, C.E.R.S. can help you understand the tank closure process. We’ll advise you on the best course of action, whether it’s removal or abandonment, and walk you through the paperwork required by NJDEP.

Our goal is to help ensure each project goes smoothly for our valued customers. Whatever the need, your company can rely on C.E.R.S. services to receive sound advice from skilled, professional environmental consultants.

Reach Out To C.E.R.S. For A Free Consultation

If you’re looking for a friendly, qualified environmental contractor or consultant, look no further than C.E.R.S. All initial consultations are free of charge. Our expert staff is available to serve residential and commercial clients across Somerset, Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties, and surrounding areas. To schedule an initial consultation with C.E.R.S., contact us today.