Subsurface Evaluations in Northern New Jersey

Excavation Workers

A subsurface evaluation is required at a site where contamination from an underground storage tank (UST) is known or suspected. This evaluation refers to the analysis and remediation of soil and water below ground level. Care Environmental Remediation Services (C.E.R.S.) is certified by the State of New Jersey to perform all aspects of remediation at sites with a leaking underground storage tank. Our firm is accredited to work at sites that have either regulated or unregulated tank systems, and we partner with clients across Somerset, Morris, Warren, and Sussex counties, and beyond.

Our Evaluation Services

C.E.R.S. holds UST certifications in both subsurface evaluation and tank closure. These certifications are managed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). Certified Subsurface Evaluators (SSEs) must meet state-mandated educational, training, and technical experience requirements. Our team regularly provides subsurface evaluation services for both homeowners and commercial clients throughout the area.

Unregulated Heating Oil Tanks

In New Jersey, all underground storage tanks are classified by NJDEP as “regulated” or “unregulated.” Heating oil tanks that have a capacity of 2,000 gallons or less, or that contain heating oil and are used only to heat a residential building, are “unregulated.” There are rules for unregulated tanks outlined in the Unregulated Heating Oil Tank (UHOT) Program.

The UHOT Program allows certified service providers to investigate and remediate a residential property that has a leaking underground storage tank. C.E.R.S. can carefully and efficiently remediate UHOTs. We are well-versed in homeowner tank systems and have completed several tank remediation projects during our years of service. In addition to conducting the subsurface evaluation and fulfilling all required remediation steps, our team will complete all the UHOT program paperwork required by NJDEP to obtain a “No Further Action” letter.

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites in New Jersey must be managed by a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). C.E.R.S. is a certified LSRP and has extensive experience in subsurface evaluation at UST sites where contamination is known or suspected. New Jersey’s LSRP program was created in 2009 through the passage of the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA), a state law that regulates remediation at contaminated sites. LSRPs are regulated by a governing board set up by NJDEP and must adhere to strict guidelines to protect the environment and public health.

C.E.R.S. is qualified to manage each step of the remediation process at regulated LUST sites. The subsurface evaluation includes a preliminary assessment and a site investigation to gather data and determine the scope of the contamination. We may excavate the site, collect soil and water samples, and review safety plans. C.E.R.S. will make recommendations for remediation in accordance with best industry practices. We will also complete all reporting requirements according to NJDEP regulations and state law.

C.E.R.S.’s technical expertise, combined with our wealth of experience navigating NJ’s regulatory processes, makes us the premier choice for subsurface evaluation services.

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If you have a known or suspected leaking underground storage tank, you need a qualified and knowledgeable professional. Clients rely on C.E.R.S. for experienced subsurface evaluations and oil tank removal services in Northern NJ and the surrounding area. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact our office today.