Soil Remediation Services in Northern New Jersey

soil remediation and tank removal

Soil Remediation

Care Environmental Remediation Services reputation in the field of tank removal and soil-ground water remediation is highly regarded.  Our reputation is backed by dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. Our project managers and support staff have years of experience and hold the licenses required by New Jersey to perform remedial services at residential and commercial properties.  Our way to approach these projects is to provide our customers with a cost effective service that is technically sound and meets regulatory requirements.  Not only do we share decisions with our customers and but we encourage our customers to understand the remediation process.


  • Subsurface Evaluator (SSE) Services
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Services
  • Soil andGround Water Sampling/Testing
  • Excavation of Contaminated Soil and Off-SiteDisposal
  • Excavation and Chemical Treatment
  • In Situ Chemical Treatment
  • Deed Notices
  • Preparation of Regulatory Reports required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)
  • Professional Customer Service

Arm of a Care Environmental Remediation Service Heavy Duty Equipment

Care Environmental Remediation Services (C.E.R.S.) provides soil remediation services for both commercial and residential customers. Serving clients across the greater Northern NJ area, C.E.R.S. is a full-service, OSHA-certified environmental remediation firm. We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective solutions that are both technically sound and in compliance with local and state regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Remediation Practices

As a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) and Subsurface Evaluator (SSE), C.E.R.S. holds expertise in a wide range of soil and groundwater testing, remediation, and restoration practices. With nearly 20 years in business, our team is highly regarded for our knowledge and dedication to each project. Our remediation services include:

  • Excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soils
  • In situ chemical treatment of contaminated soil
  • Excavation and chemical treatment
  • Alternative Methods of Attaining Regulatory Compliance
    • Compliance Averaging
    • Thiessem Polygons
    • Deed Notices
  • Verification Soil sampling and testing
  • Site restoration
  • Subsurface evaluator (SSE) services
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Services
  • Preparation of regulatory reports required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)

Soil remediation in the State of New Jersey is regulated by NJDEP. C.E.R.S. is well-versed in the regulatory requirements for individual homeowners, commercial businesses, and industrial sites.

Backhoe being used to dig a trench in the soil.

Remediation Services for Homeowners

Typically, residential clients need remediation services as part of a tank removal process on their property. There are many reasons why a homeowner might decide to remove a home heating oil tank. They may be selling the house, undergoing a mortgage refinance, or converting their home heating system from oil to gas. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to ensure that the removal is done safely and correctly, and is followed by a full assessment of the site.

C.E.R.S. can handle your tank removal from start to finish, including all required remediation steps. We’ll also walk you through NJDEP’s regulations and prepare all the required forms to help the process go smoothly.

Remediation Services for Commercial Clients

Site remediation on commercial properties typically requires the services of an LSRP. As an LSRP, C.E.R.S. performs each step of the remediation work and helps responsible parties to navigate the regulatory requirements outlined by NJDEP. First, we will conduct a preliminary assessment to gather all possible data about the property and the underground storage tanks (USTs) onsite. Next, we’ll conduct a site investigation to determine the nature and scope of any onsite contamination.

C.E.R.S. will make recommendations for the best course of remedial action and then perform all required remediation services necessary for receiving a Response Action Outcome (RAO) document. Our extensive experience with NJDEP keeps your business in compliance with current regulations while ensuring an efficient and accurate remediation process.

Two backhoe diggers being used in an outside area.

Since 2002, we’ve been taking the guesswork out of soil remediation services. Property owners know that they can count on us to provide top-quality service and make the remediation process accessible and understandable.

Connect with C.E.R.S. for Your Soil Remediation Projects

If you’re unsure of how to navigate the remediation process, the team at C.E.R.S. is here to help. We welcome the opportunity to discuss soil remediation options that will meet your project’s needs. C.E.R.S. is available to assist commercial and residential clients across Northern, NJ, including Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon, Somerset, Passaic and Warren counties. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more information.