Reasons Soil and Groundwater Remediation Benefit the Environment

Soil and groundwater contamination can be caused by the improper handling of harmful chemicals, leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), and other sources. This type of contamination is highly detrimental to the environment and can threaten human health. Environmental remediation targets these harmful contaminants to create cleaner and safer soil and groundwater. Here, Care Environmental Remediation Services in Northern New Jersey discusses the benefits of soil and groundwater remediation and the positive impact it has on the environment.

What Is Environmental Remediation?

The process of removing contaminants from soil and groundwater is known as environmental remediation. This can be accomplished through a variety of techniques. Benefits of environmental remediation include:

Improved Environmental Health

Pollution can cause several environmental health issues and affect entire ecosystems. When soil and groundwater become polluted, it can be devastating to plant and animal life. Plants rely on soil nutrients to survive. Once the soil becomes polluted, plants absorb these contaminants into their roots, resulting in the plant deteriorating and eventually dying. Further, animals often encounter these contaminants by eating plants in polluted areas and drinking the affected water. Environmental remediation can help save plants and wildlife and improve environmental health by removing harmful pollutants.

Preserved Public Health

Contaminated soil and groundwater also are public health concerns. If the plants or animals that humans consume have been affected by pollution, people can be in serious harm. Because it is hard to determine which animals have come in contact with the pollution, it’s challenging to know for certain which ones are safe to consume. More so, those who work or live near polluted areas also may be at risk. Improving the soil and groundwater quality with environmental remediation services not only helps save wildlife; it saves human life, as well.

Greater Land Availability

Land that’s contaminated can be deemed unusable as residential or commercial property. These large pieces of property can simply end up as wastelands. Remediating contaminants can allow these lands to be redeveloped and sold for investment, or restored to their natural state for the benefit of local wildlife.

Whether you’re buying a house or open land, environmental safety should be a top priority. Partnering with a professional environmental remediation company can help restore your property and rid it of any onsite contamination present.

Consult the Team at Care Environmental Remediation Services

Care Environmental Remediation Services provides environmental remediation services for commercial and residential clients in Northern NJ and the surrounding area, including Somerset, Morris, Warren, and Sussex counties. Our team of knowledgeable and well-trained professionals is qualified to perform several tasks, including:

  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional Services (LSRP)
  • In situ chemical treatments
  • Subsurface evaluator services
  • Soil and groundwater sampling and testing
  • Evacuation of contaminated soil and off-site disposal
  • Preparation of regulatory reports required by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)

Our highly regarded reputation is backed by our dedication to restoring the safety of the environment. To schedule a consultation for environmental remediation services, contact us today.